Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful scenery this morning - everything coated in a layer of heavy wet snow.  We had a 2 hour delay then went to school.  However even after 2 hours the roads were still bad.  Many in our school district had not even been plowed yet and even the main roads were not clear.  The major east/west highway was clear and fairly dry but I have to say that was it.  Even though I've driven in this for several years for some reason this morning I was a stressed out mess.  Of course the fact that Squirrel was driving all the way to school did not help me - I am not ready for that yet.  He said basically "Mom I know that some day I will slide out.  Better to do it now when I'm younger than later.".  That didn't calm me much though.  However he made it safely to school and I simply have to learn to trust that he is God's child ultimately.  

It is snowing big heavy flakes again now and the birds have been busy at the feeders.  That tells me that the snow and the cold is going to last at least most of the day today.  It is predicted to last into tomorrow possibly.  We've not had much snow this winter - we get a couple inches then it melts off.  However thankfully we've had more moisture then we did last winter and the drought for this area is officially over.

B has been busy in the shop.  Yesterday he spent most of the day cleaning but today he called in extra help.  He was asked this morning to replace brakes on a trailer that belongs to some of the local Amish.  They call him frequently when their equipment breaks down and it is usually a rush job when they do.  I am thankful that his business has been good.  God has been good.  He always is good but often we allow the times of stress to overshadow that knowledge.

I don't have huge goals for today - 2 hour delays make it hard to accomplish much.  I will likely lay down for a short nap and need to do hand dishes in the kitchen.  I will probably throw something in the crock pot for supper - some sort of roast.  I've been really trying to expand my cooking repertoire this year and not do a lot of repeats.  However today as I know I have to wait for Dipstick after school I will want something either very easy or something that is mostly done.  Of course I could do tuna noodle casserole as Squirrel won't be home.  He is not fond of fish.

Guess I'd better be away.

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