Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wow...not sure I'm going to love this new layout.  Seems like a lot of blank space. goes for another long overdue update.

School has been out almost a week now and already time seems to be flying by.  Last Friday Squirrel and I finished cleaning my bus and got it turned in.  Usually I wait til the absolute last minute to get it done.  Saturday B, Dipstick and I went to a large swap meet that only happens 3x a year and only during the spring/summer.  We left without too many purchases but I think we all enjoyed it.  Then B and I went on a date that evening - went to Sears to look at tools.  I usually enjoy any dates we go on - even looking at tools. We did the tools and then went to a bookstore to look.  As we were heading back to the car to go find supper and maybe a movie I realized we had a flat.  B didn't believe me until we got closer to the car but I was correct.  He told me later he was proud of me for spotting it.  Anyway...we drove the car over to the car repair place to have it fixed.  Instead we ended up with 2 new tires.  All I could do was laugh about it...some date night!  We had supper and then headed home as we were both pretty tired.  Sunday was a day I won't talk about - suffice it to say Dipstick got himself into some trouble.  Monday I walked in the morning with my friend L while Squirrel ran.  Once home I got to spend the day working on my Bible study lessons and starting to clean and organize my bedroom (something that gets thoroughly ignored the rest of the year!).  Tuesday I ended up being gone most of the day - Bible Study in the morning and grocery shopping after that.  I picked Squirrel up from where he was working and he made the choice to go home and help B split a tractor instead of going to get himself an ankle brace and a new pair of running shoes.  Today was another day of running with chai (tea) with S, a massage and a couple of hours of parts runs.  Walked again - think we are up to close to 3 miles. 

The picture below is of the strangest "dandelion" I've ever seen.  The seed head was huge - at least twice the size of a normal dandelion while the flower is about the same size but shaped more like a daisy.  


Karen said...

Cool photos! Where is the lake?

You sound as busy as me.

Edith said...

The lake is "Neil's lake" - That is not the correct name but B's brother Neil lives on it so that is what I call it. It's just a couple miles from here and we swim there often during the summer.

Suz said...

Can't believe you have never seen a dandelion like that! We have them all over here! :-)

So glad I didn't go on that date with you! :-) Cory would not have handled it well! But it made me smile when I heard about it the first time and it made me smile again when I read it! Does that make me mean or desperate for reasons to smile?

Slow down, enjoy your summer! Have chai with your friend once a week! ;-)