Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Feeling rather "grinchy" today - can't get motivated to do much of anything. Kitchen is tidied and wiped down from supper last night and breakfast this morning. Laundry has been going. Dishwasher is loaded.

Laid out the kids' gifts on our bed. Trying to decide if I need to run and do some more shopping. Not nearly as many "fun" gifts this year. I know I need to go out and go to the bank as well as return one item that I found cheaper elsewhere. (not for the kids). And I still have shopping I do need to do for Hubby. Want to get that done no later than tomorrow. But at the moment my motivation is completely gone. I've only had 2 cups of coffee today - that may be part of it. Thankfully I don't have the coffee headache I usually do.

Need to start packing to go north. Am sure that is part of the struggle. I want to see Mom and Dad but the travel is exhausting. And the fact that Mom is clearly declining again makes it more difficult. There are so many projects I need to get done this week - cleaning and organizing so that when school starts back up maybe I can do a better job of keeping things up as well as have more time to be creative.

OK...enough whining. Just writing things out always seems to help me some. I will go start another 15 min timer and work on an area that needs work. Trust any readers who are still with me - in my long absences and when I'm grinchy are having a blessed holiday season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Short Update & Questions

This will be short...I was perusing blogs and websites hoping for inspiration when I realized I have to leave for work early this afternoon. I have not been getting along with buses this week...and end of last. First my turn signal lever thingy broken in the middle of route (Friday afternoon), Monday morning my bus would not start. Today my spare bus started and ran well until I was empty at the middle school - then it started almost knocking and spewing out blue smoke. So that bus is now in the shop and I have to go back to the shop to pick up my regular route bus (from Friday afternoon/Monday morning) which is supposed to be done by route time this afternoon. The turn signal lever thingy is fixed, worn brakes are replaced, muffler is replaced...hopefully we will be good for awhile.

The Christmas tree is up and mostly decorated - to the point that lights and ornaments are on. Still have Stretch's ornaments to put on - that is waiting on his arrival home from college. Won't be long until we need a smaller tree simply because I'm too short. It would not be done if not for Squirrel's assistance stringing lights and Dipsticks replacing blown bulbs. Some of the shopping is done. No wrapping is done.

I've been pondering the last few days what makes a true friend? Is it time spent together, phone calls, having hobbies or life events in common? What causes a friendship to fade away or be broken? How much does age have to do with lasting friendships?

Some of these questions come from friendships that have totally blown to pieces over the last few years - one with a woman who was a believer in Christ and one who was likely not. Other than those differences these two ladies were rather similar - neither seemed to be happy unless they could drag the people around them down to join their level...unless there was chaos surrounding them. Some of these questions come from emotions I'm feeling now and questions a third friend has asked me repeatedly about herself.