Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is another grey gloomy day out - damp and drippy. It seems like we've had a lot of those this week...we had a fire in the furnace last night to warm the house up. I am so very thankful for wood heat! Sometimes the labor to get the wood is frustrating but it is so nice to be able to heat the house as early as it needs it without having to worry about the added utility bills.

The trees are well in the process of turning already. Some seem to have lost most of their leaves already. However the majority still have leaves - just the reds, oranges and yellows of autumn are what you see. Crops are coming off the fields - corn is mostly done and soybeans will start being harvested very soon.

B's shop addition is finished and in use. As I type this I hear a truck he's been working on running...and I can look out the office window and see two more tractors in various stages. He's finished up two jobs this week - that's a relief.

Dipstick is doing so much better in school this year. His grades are all A & B's - such a relief after the stress of last year. He's really enjoying his new school - and the freedom of not having daily homework. The other night at supper it was fun to listen to him talk about artificial hips and what is involved in putting one in. He is researching the longevity of such in preparation for a project to figure out how to make them last longer. (I think...if I understood it correctly). I can't remember exactly how the subject came up - except it had to do with Stretch's broken leg.

Speaking of Stretch...he is doing much better. He was released from the hospital last Tuesday and had his first follow-up surgical appointment on Wednesday - complete with x-ray. The surgeon was happy with his progress and said that there is clear evidence of healing in the bone(s). He is still not allowed to weight-bear and has another follow-up on the 3rd. He should be finished with his antibiotics the end of this week. Thankfully this entire time he's done well at keeping up with his classes and is enjoying being at college. I miss him though.

Squirrel is enjoying his freshman year as well. He's run excellently in cross country - making a PR every meet so far. He regularly practices his spanish on me and loves Gospel Choir. His first concert, complete with outfit is this coming Sunday at a church close to home. Additionally he is busy with volunteering at church running sound and with youth group, as well as looking forward to play practice and helping out there.

I feel like I'm chasing my tail...trying to catch up from being gone with Stretch, cross country meets and what not. My bus route, even though it's basically the same as last year, has been extremely challenging so far this year. Part of that is that I've had a lot more riders. That is starting to stabilize out some but still it has made a difference. Part of it is definitely discipline issues.

I'd better scoot - want to get some groceries before afternoon route so that I can just come home afterwards.

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