Monday, April 4, 2011

Still here

Am still here...just been busy and struggling some. We are on spring break this week and I'm hoping to accomplish a few things around the house...and lots of rest. Of course that is dependent on my not spending all my time running parts this week.

Squirrel has started the week off sick (or ended last week depending on how you look at it). He came down with a bad case of strep throat. I took him into the after hours center Saturday and he got antibiotics. However I suspect he didn't keep the first dose down. But he wasn't feeling like he could handle his planned trip to DC so didn't go. I am very disappointed for him - and today he is feeling well enough to regret not going. However it would have been a rough trip (though fun) since he wasn't 100%.

Dipstick still has 2 F's in his school work. That is a major frustration to me as I know he is capable of doing very well in school. He just does not care enough - even when he does not get to do things that are fun. He will spend most of this week working in the shop - that's something he usually enjoys. When the weather is decent he and Stretch will be working to move the woodpile to the north end of our property in preparation for adding on to the shop.

Stretch has plans to spend part of the week with a friend - part of the time here at home and part at his friend's house. In his free (??) time he will work on his research paper that makes up 50% of his grade for his senior language class. He has picked a challenging topic.

I'm hoping to work on a t-shirt quilt, scrapbooks and basic cleaning. Time to scoot as I've spent enough time on the computer for now.

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