Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Post??

The sun is shining today. I spent the morning with a friend that I try to spend time with every couple of weeks then went to the camera store to order prints of pictures for Stretch's "school days" album. I've been pondering how to do that. K-8th grade all has their own individual page and I added as necessary. High school is a whole different ball game and the company I purchased his album from does not make high school pages. I've decided to do a 2 page spread (or more if necessary) of his different activities throughout high school. So cross country will have a spread - including all 4 years, drama will have a spread as will choir. School pictures and course schedules...not quite sure how to do those yet. But will eventually figure them out. I found I needed to find the pictures of "Little Women" and at least one year of Gospel Choir yet not including this year. OH yes...and "Fiddler on the Roof" which is one of my all time favorite musicals.

The other challenge has been figuring out what year I got the digital camera. I have about decided it was early '07. Still have not come up with a good way to organize digital pictures. And I can't figure out how some people can get several hundred pictures on a cd and I am not able to. That will help once I figure that out.

Sunrise was beautiful and red this morning. We saw 3 deer - including one nice buck and a pet pot bellied pig this morning on route. That was fun.

There was more I was going to write but can't remember what it was.


Linds said...

Hahahaha - I understand the !" I can't remember" bit perfectly!

I store the photos on a dvd disc, not a cd. It holds far more, so you can try that if your computer has a dvd writer, but best of all is the portable hard drive. That works amazingly well. I have 3 I think, and when I go to order photos, I pop them on a USB stick now instead of the disc.

Marilyn said...

OOOOOH - can't wait to see Stretch's album. It sounds wonderful. I am working on our 2009album and have 2 page spread of our visit with the boys (I'm not working chronologically, just doing pages as I can). I also have a 2 page spread of Stretch in his cross country uniform from one year.