Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Post???'s been a very long time since I've posted anything...and I actually have pictures to post...but likely won't get to that tonight.

  • Dipstick has broken his new glasses - that he's only had for a week and the eye doctor's place is closed tomorrow
  • Dipstick's grades currently are not failing!!! This is awesome as he's been grounded for weeks due to failing grades & undone homework.
  • I enjoyed an awesome visit with my sister and her children yesterday. B and I drove to Grand Rapids to meet them. We enjoyed lunch then went to the public museum. It was too much to comprehend all in one day but so much fun to look. We enjoyed a nice supper at the restaurant near their hotel then headed home.
  • All 3 boys stayed home and went to school yesterday...was nice to spend the day just with B but equally nice to get home late(r) last night and see all the boys
  • Belle and Boo are beautiful handsome children that are growing so rapidly...they took to B very well - so much so that he was surprised.
  • Today was spend "recuperating" - I napped between bus routes and did laundry and dishes
  • Tomorrow will be spent preparing for a home show that I'm hostessing here Friday evening.
  • Stretch's fall play is over as is cross country...Life isn't slowing down much as the Gospel Choir schedule is picking up
  • Squirrel is running 3-4 days a week after school - usually in town but occasionally at the high school. He prefers to run at the high school as he thinks it is more interesting
  • My brother N and his wife I will be back from overseas for a month over Christmas...based near my mom and dad.
  • Excitement is high as my mind frantically runs around thinking about whether we will be able to make it north to see them...and what I should be working on to take to them
  • Still much concern over my Mom and Dad's health
  • Crops are slowly being harvested
  • Weather is still often rainy - today was misty and foggy most of the day. Was so thankful that we had a nice if chilly day yesterday
  • Boys should be home from church soon
I am totally rambling now...think I will go look at the project I have in mind to deliver up north. Was looking through pictures earlier this evening...found 1 set that showed many of my stitching UFO's...maybe someday I'll get them finished.


Karen said...

Thanks for the totally positive comments about the children. They love B, and you too, and I think it was wonderful that we could get together for the day. Thanks so much for giving up your day to come and see us!

Missing you lots,

Linds said...

I have a pile of UFOs too. Sigh. Great to see you posting today! And I loved readign all the random bits. It seems to be a random season. All I can come up with are snippets! The boys sound really great, Edith. And so do you!