Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brrr...'s cold here tonight. Actually it's been rather cold all day today though I did not light a fire during the day. Think tonight I will make sure it's stoked well before bed as tomorrow is supposed to be as cold as today was...and I like a warm house to wake up to.

B and Dipstick are watching tv tonight...the movie "Pearl Harbor". We have it on dvd but it's not one I've ever wanted to watch. Stretch and Squirrel are out tonight at youth group and should be back shortly. (Dipstick has been grounded due to his grades but his homework is done for tonight). This afternoon after school there were parent/teacher conferences at the high school. I really like how this school district does them - arena style with teachers paired up at tables. That way parents can visit with any teacher they wish to and skip some if necessary. Parent/teacher conferences are at the middle school for Squirrel next Wednesday night - same style. I much prefer this to just seeing one homeroom teacher out of several and getting notes on how the student is doing in the rest of the classes - in a 15 min. appointment. The other benefit to doing it arena style is that overall it seems to take less time to cover the teachers.

Boys are home so I'm getting booted off the goal for this weekend is to take pictures of all 3 boys outside somewhere - the weather is supposed to be better - not as cold and rainy.


Heather said...

Thanks for your input on my post. Seniority plays the main part in bidding on runs, but with our small school in the finical trouble we are in they want to save every penny. Saving $1000-some on fuel is a big deal, even if that would mean hiring a sub more often for me so I can take the outside athletic runs. It's just a nasty circle. :)

Marilyn said...

It's "cold" here too - but I would guess that our "cold" is probably about 30 degrees warmer than your cold ;-)!