Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"For Sale by Owner"

Busy day today - I've had a "for sale by owner" sign out in the yard for about a week now - need to go down and take a picture of it (just because I take pictures of most things at some point). Anyway...we've had a couple of calls on the house asking for information and price. But yesterday the call was from a couple who had called for information wanting to schedule a time to come look at it - they are coming this evening about 5:30. B will be home - he thinks he knows the couple and wants to see them again. I'm thankful he will be here as I'm really nervous about showing the house - don't feel at all that it's ready to show or sell. There are boxes, packages and stuff everywhere - I realize that if this is the couple B thinks it is they will realize we are newly-weds and moving and make allowances. And having said that...we've spent a couple of evenings working outside trimming bushes, pulling weeds and generally cleaning up - it does look better outside. Inside needs bathrooms cleaned, kitchen cleaned and lots of picking up done - there's not more than that that I can do in one day. I am thankful for having had my family here - they did help a lot.

I am really looking forward to getting settled into our new place. I will definitely miss our fruit trees and my yard and location. However being settled in one larger, better laid out place will be a good thing - B will be able to come home and work in his shop in the evenings, we'll be able to eat together - at a reasonable hour more frequently and overall life will be able to become "normal".

Must go for now - will try to update more later...Life is busy but good.


Linds said...

Selling is always a tough time, but in the end, the right people will buy, and as long as thigns are clean, don't worry about the mess too much! Having your husband there with you will make a huge difference. And yes, you will miss a great deal of this home, but the new one is "new" for all of you, and you will make it your own.
And I still want to see those wedding photos when you get them uploaded!

Mary said...

Hi Edith. Thanks for your encouraging words. I was having a bit of an atypical behaviour outburst (the best excuse I can come up with. I am blogging again (the tantrum lasted 24 hrs). I'll pop in and say hi from time to time.


P.S Linds said I had to put a little pressure on you to get those wedding photo's up. Ok, she didn't actually use the word 'pressure'- I think she said 'encourage'?

Cheers again.

Gwendolyn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am completely in awe of anyone trying to sell their house...we just bought this house about a year and a half ago, and the thought of ever moving again makes me twitch. I will be back to follow your saga though, because maybe someone ELSE moving won't cause me too much trauma. LOL.