Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Busy

Busy Busy.... I need to be out the door picking up dress pattern instead of sitting here typing. I keep thinking "tomorrow" I'll get a good, interesting post written with pictures and all. It's not happening at the moment. We've been to TaeKwonDo this morning and I needed second cup of coffee before moving on. This afternoon I'm cutting out dresses again...yesterday I packed boxes. The house is moving along but it won't be finished. Yesterday and today I've had Dipstick...but today Stretch is not likely to be home "early" from work - no storms predicted. More another time.

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Linds said...

It is lovely to see you posting! It must be a manic time for you, but I still check in every day to see what you are up to!

The ring! I need to see the ring!