Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm & School Delay

11:20 am Well our 2 hour delay this morning honestly wasn't a whole lot of help as far as the roads were concerned. I got stuck - partly in a field off the edge of a road - it wasn't the worst one I'd driven on this morning but there was no way I could get myself out. We sat for probably 30 min waiting on assistance. The county salt truck driver was a friend from church. Also one of the mechanics and the head of maintenance for the school district came out. They hooked the back of the bus to one of the pick-ups and pulled me out - after shoveling a fair bit of salt/sand mix under the back of the bus. Then I followed the country truck to the end of that road before going out to the highway. Thankfully one of the other drivers was able to pick up my town kids relieving some stress for me. Also thankfully I was not the only driver that got stuck - just the only one that had to be pulled out. Now I'm having a very quick cup of coffee before I have to head back out to do my kindergarten shuttle - then it will be home for a few minutes before afternoon route.

Edited to add:
Ok...I haven't figured out how to post pictures on the right side as well as the left - sorry. (These pictures weren't from today - if I can figure out where they went I will put them up - they are similar except for hoarfrost it's clear ice on all the branches). I have found out also that my little seat belt child fell and hit his head this morning - he had to be taken to the ER for a CT scan. Thankfully he's ok though sore. I also had another child fall and land fairly hard before he got on the bus - he started complaining about not feeling well shortly before we got stuck.


Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

My comment somehow got messed up - It should be:
We are praying for you and for your safety. We are so thankful to be down here and out of the weather. However, we do miss being near you and the boys.

Apple said...

I'm glad that everyone is OK and that you were able to be towed out easily. I hope your district rethinks closing the next time things get that bad.

I hate delays! They mess up my day and the parents have to scramble to find someone to watch their kids until I get there.

I've got one turn around that is already getting tricky with the snow we've gotten and I figure it's just a matter of time until I get stuck there.