Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Computer Issues....Again

Having computer issues- the main computer is crashed at the moment. The good news is that Squirrel was able to get the laptop going again so we have limited access...The tower of the desktop will go with us to Chicago this weekend - my bro-in-law will get to fix it. I am so thankful we already had a trip planned when it crashed and that he has the know-how to fix it when I don't. I will also have him price out what's needed to get another one...we have monitors and keyboards but not the other stuff to have a second "quality" working computer. Being as B is laid off again at the moment and working on getting business started at home having a working computer is rather important. Not to mention the fact that this is absolutely how I stay in contact with family and friends.

B is still laid off - we still are not 100% convinced on what we are supposed to be doing at this point. However he has been busy catching up on work he already had in the shop - and getting more lined up. We thought we had a renter for the house but that fell through - they had approached me about possibly renting - we had agreed on a price and details. At the last minute they were approached by family to rent from and backed out on us. This is an opportunity for us to watch and see how God is going to work. I have struggled this time...still haven't taken time to sit down and journal everything out and I know that will help.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Laid Off - Again

B was laid off again this afternoon (or rather yesterday afternoon) I didn't take the news well at all even though it wasn't as much of a shock this time as last time. I'm beginning to feel sleepy so will head back to bed...no thunderstorms to wake me up tonight.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well...it's been 2 weeks again since I've blogged! Yikes. Ah well..overall life has been good. Today is a quiet "non accomplishing" kind of day - one that I've very much needed. Dipstick has been gone to Mom and Dad K's for the day - to help out his grandpa. Squirrel and I went for coffee with friends this morning and then to the store for milk and a few things I couldn't get yesterday. Of course we managed to not get pop so that is something that will have to be taken care of soon...not for me as I'm good as long as I've got coffee available...but for B. Stretch had a 4 mile run this morning then a quiet morning at home...except for having to meet Squirrel and I with my purse halfway to town.

Last week Dad K was in the hospital - he had several "minor" heart attacks and eventually had a heart cath and a stent put in. He's feeling much better now - even with the pulmonary fibrosis - his breathing is better as is his energy level.

The old house still has not sold...not any offers even. The guy that looked at it a couple of weeks ago does not qualify for a loan on it so he is out of the picture. There will be another open house this weekend...hopefully something will come of that. Otherwise...I have been approached on the possibility of renting it out and am considering that. I don't know all the ramifications of renting and am not sure if I want to even get involved in that. On the other hand...some income off of it (helping to make the mortgage payment) might be better than none. I am thinking that this week when we go out to mow I will take the pitch fork and bring back some starts of some of my perennials...I dug up several of my irises but left the established black-eyed susan and purple coneflower.

The depression...well that's another thing altogether. Some days I think the new medication is working and other days ...not so much. The fact that Dipstick seems to be struggling more also - it's coming up on 2 years since he lost his mom - is not helping at all. And we lost our "puppy" this past weekend - she'd been killing chicks - hasn't helped either.

This picture is around the mailbox...a month or so after I planted the irises there. The top picture is immediately after.
On a positive note...I feel like I'm getting on top of the housework and am getting more stuff unpacked and sorted through. I have got some rhubarb plants to start...will eventually grow some strawberries as well. (Note to self: check to see if it's possible to put rhubarb and strawberries in the same bed!) I've also picked up and planted some daylilies and other flowers. I am wanting to build some more raised beds - starting that tonight - to put on the north end of the house. And I found some bleeding heart roots that may or may not be any good as they've sat for over a year. Either way I figured I would stick them in a pot and see if they come up.