Saturday, September 19, 2009

He brews or why I don't do mornings

So this morning I'm trying to fix a fresh pot of coffee. I fill the reservoir with water, put a clean filter in...I grind the beans and push start. A few minutes later I wonder why my coffee is such a clear color...I know I ground the beans...Oh...wait a minute...did I put them in the filter?? Needless to say I hadn't.

There's a good reason why he brews in this house. (and it's not B it's usually Stretch that brews for me). The boys have learned to leave me mostly alone until I've had at least one cup of coffee.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A finished post!!

I've started more posts recently and not got them finished...hopefully this won't be another one.

Fall is definitely in the air...the nights are cool, days are cooler...leaves are starting to turn color and fall. Crops in the fields are ripening and I am beginning to see more and more wildlife on my bus route. This morning I saw a coyote near the end of the route and most of the kids on the bus saw a couple of deer at a stop sign. The chaos over the deer sighting was almost funny - one of my students saw it and started hollering and pointing.

Life has been crazy busy lately - we've had cross country meets for the last 2 Saturdays - with at least 2 more to come. In addition Squirrel has had meets during the week - thankfully those have been mostly "at home" but it still means long days for me. Stretch occasionally makes the at home meets but not all of them. Squirrel has been doing quite well - he ran the distance in just over 14 minutes on Tuesday. (It's a 1.9 m race for the middle school age group). He consistently places in the top 15 of the smaller meets (3 or less schools) - this past time it was out of 37 boy runners. (Girls had considerably more runners).

Stretch is in the fall play this year - in addition to cross country. He didn't try out as he focuses on cross country and then just helps with sound/lights/stage management at the play. However one of the kids who tried out - and got a part backed out so he has been asked to step in to take that part over. He does enjoy acting and it's good experience so I'm excited for him.

Dipstick...he's pretty much himself. He dropped out of football early on in the season. I'm sorry that he's not involved in a sport but at the same time it is probably better for his grades. He and I went to Grief Group last night - the same place I used to take Squirrel and Stretch to. He enjoyed himself - had more fun that he expected to. He was afraid that they would just sit around in a group and "talk about it". Instead they do crafts and activities as well as talking. I was surprised at how - even though I did not go into the adult group - I felt so at home there. I was looking forward to having an hour or so when I couldn't go anywhere else to sit and read or journal or whatever - I actually spent almost the entire time catching up with the program director. Pretty much everyone else was completely new to me but I still felt very comfortable and at home.

We've pretty much all been sick this past week - Squirrel started it and it's going around. B is probably the most miserable at the moment. I've been making homemade chicken noodle soup and pushing fluids and vitamins. Hopefully soon we will all be on the mend.

I've spent too much time sitting here at the and toast is finished and it's time to swap laundry loads. I've also got juice for jelly to make...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Squirrel had his first cross country meet tonight - I drove the bus to it. Driving the bus was kind of fun as the team is just big enough to not be able to use a mini bus so no one was crowded at all. Squirrel mis-judged the difficulty of the course and ran out of steam before the end of the race. He still finished well and placed in the top 15 runners and now has goals for the next meet. I didn't take my camera this time as the weather was decidedly iffy as far as rain was concerned.

I'm still pretty tired tonight - in addition to the meet on Saturday we worked a hard day at the old house yesterday. We sealed the driveway and put down rocks to fill in the places we were unable to seal. We were all pretty whupped last night. Today was pretty much a begin to catch up day - I worked on laundry, did dishes and typed out my bus route for the sub this afternoon.

I'll try to write something more interesting tomorrow.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crowds of spectators, ropes and lines painted on grass telling which way to go, hundreds of different colored uniforms, the whistle and starting they go. Spectators running and walking to different vantage points on the course...watching the runners as they spread out over the distance...hearing the roar as the first runners are spotted coming around the first bend then the next and the next. The rush to the finish line...and the increasing crescendo of cheers and shouts as runners come in...some in a pack...some alone. The intensity on runners faces as they reach deep inside for that last burst of energy to finish strong...the excitement as they catch the runner ahead...that final sprint...Dogs on leashes,cameras, sweat dripping, mosquito bites, airplanes buzzing low overhead, friendly parents, snacks, tears, "Well done, Nice run"...Invitational Cross Country Meets.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get up and What??

My get up and go disappeared sometime yesterday... just getting out of bed was almost a chore this morning though I did o.k once I got moving. I'm hoping for a nap sometime this morning though. I have got laundry started and am working on loading dishwasher. There's bus route paperwork to do as well as some for B. I'm hoping that if I don't push too hard today I will be able to get more done tomorrow...Saturday I'm driving Stretch's cross country meet to Marion. That will be a long day but I usually thoroughly enjoy the meet. The course is a fast one and there are a lot of runners which all adds up to lots of excitement.

Speaking of Stretch...he did not end up having MRSA though he did have another type of staph infection. The antibiotics cleared it right up. However he still ended up back in the after hours clinic last Friday night this time due to an allergic reaction to the antibiotic...he broke out in an itchy rash, had a headache and was running a pretty decent fever. An injection of two types of steroids followed by a course of oral steroids has fixed him up and he's finally feeling much better. He had his second cross country meet of the season yesterday - the first was last Thursday as he was getting sick - yesterday's went much much better. He came in under 23 minutes and felt great. He did learn the value of compression shorts under his uniform though - for more than just looks.

Squirrel's doing well...his cross country season has not officially started yet though he's got practice every day. His first meet is next Thursday the 8th and I am not driving that one. His recent excitement involved having a large rottweiler break a picture window as he walked past the house on his way home from practice. (He rides the shuttle bus to town and walks to my friend's house where he waits until I'm done with my bus route) . Thankfully the dog did not come out of the house but I still had one very terrified son. The dog's owner was very apologetic...I havent' heard end results on this but am hoping he was able to find a country home for the dog as it did seem like a nice dog - just not suited for town life.

Dipstick has dropped out of football. I had mixed emotions about that though it does uncomplicate the schedule somewhat. Unfortunately it looks like I'm still going to have to work to stay on top of his grades and homework...checking daily. I was hoping he'd out-grown that over the summer.

My little girl who had so much fear about school has been absent the last couple of days sick - kids are already starting to "drop like flies" with various illnesses. She had been doing much better at getting off the bus and walking to class - still wanted to walk with one of my older kids bt no tears and was walking by herself in the afternoons.

O.K...there's probably more to write but that's enough of an update for now. I need to attempt to get something constructive done.